How does ChimpKey work?

ChimpKey is an automated service that eliminates repetitive data entry for your company. We do this by converting your PDF to XML, X.12, CSV, UBL, EDIFACT or more formats.

You simply post your PDF Purchase Orders,Invoices or other documents to our cloud server and it will immediately send you back an e-file compatible with your preferred Order Entry, Accounting system or custom built program.

The PDFs can be from any program (Excel, Quickbooks, Simply Accounting, ACCPAC, Business Vision, SAP, Filemaker, or Custom built program). Any program works. You simply ask your customers or suppliers to email you a PDF – and these days, that’s pretty standard. Our only requirement is that the PDF is not a scan. ChimpKey works on Purchase Orders, Reports, Forms, Bills, Invoices, statements, Shipping Notices, Proformas etc. If you receive it by PDF, we can convert it to what you need.

Too good to be true?

We get this a lot – but its not. We do need to map your document before you can use ChimpKey with YOUR PDF but other than that it is that easy. Mapping takes a day or two.

If you think this sounds like it will be complicated, its not. In most cases, you don’t need your IT people to do anything. If you do more than 2 hours of data entry per week, ChimpKey is for you

Benefits of using ChimpKey

Eliminate your time-consuming,repetitive data-entry
Go “EDI” with your customers in as little as 2 days
Extremely cost effective, we accommodate your system so there are no changes to your internal systems
100% accurate, no need for double checking that the data was read properly.
PDFs can be converted to Excel, XML, CSV, TSV, TXT, IFF, X12 or your custom format.
Go paperless & be environmentally friendly.

Why use ChimpKey and not traditional EDI?

Traditional EDI works great… but its still quite an uphill battle for most companies to get there. Here are the main reasons that companies call us to get them setup with ChimpKey instead of going the traditional EDI route. You can’t go EDI with a customer/vendor who is not also EDI. 80%+ of companies have NO EDI capability because:

– Difficult to agree on standards.

– Complicated to implement

– Expensive. (startup, ongoing IT costs, VAN costs)

– Long implementation time

– EDI costly for SMEs to implement

– EDI requires technical expertise that many. companies don’t have

– EDI time consuming to implement. EDI has low adoption rate

Contact us today with your sample PDF and we’ll give you a free trial of how we can convert your PDF into XML, CSV, IFF, X.12, TXT, SAP, UBL or EDIFACT, etc.!